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For the first time many of the singles or E.P tracks from Australian artists associated with the Missing Link label have been brought together in compilation form.

Many are released for the first time on CDCreates a fascinating overview of the label and time frameInformative liner notes by Missing Link founder Keith Glass(Liner notes from the album)The Missing Link label started as a retrospective release imprint with a pair of 1960’s artifacts – The Union ‘The Ultimate Garage Band’ (MLEP-1) and Cam-Pact ‘Living In The 60’s’ (MLEP-2). Both 7″ E.P’s reflecting past lives of the two proprietors of Archie ‘n Jugheads record shop, David Pepperell (lead singer of The Union) and Keith Glass (Cam-Pact). The name came from the wild 60’s band The Missing Links – a group that encapsulated the untamed heart of rock n roll, undiluted by commercial success! A couple of releases later and with the departure from the business of one of the principals (Pepperell) the store became ‘Missing Link’ and the label took on a new contemporary release program to reflect the exciting punk/new wave ‘do it yourself’ era of the late 1970’s.

The label became influential through the release of both Australian and overseas material, even scoring a hit single with the local release of The Flying Lizards kitchen electronic version of Money when it was passed over by Festival Records.